Jails set to reform prisoners through hypnotherapy

 P Sudhakaran, TNN Oct 17, 2013

KANNUR: The concept of jail has changed considerably in the country over the years and now more efforts are in place to cure the psychological abnormality of the prisoners, said K Sudhakaran, MP.
"In comparison with the past, the jails now have a more scientific approach to help the prisoners come back to normal life after they are released from the prison, and the psychological approach to help transforming their mindset can be of great use," he said inaugurating the psychological counseling and hypnotherapy programme organized by the Navajeevan Community Mental Health, a Kozhikode-based non-governmental organization (NGO), at the Central Prison here on Wednesday. The NGO will start this five-year programme in 48 prisons across the state.
"If you take the term as a period of correcting yourself, and maintain a discipline, and also maintain the confidence that there is a life even after the jail term, you can come back to a normal life and such psychological programmes will definitely help you," said Sudhakaran.
Navajeevan's project director C K Anil Kumar said the programme has been designed after collecting data from the jail inmates based on a questionnaire of 48 questions and it has brought about some interesting facts.
"According to the data collected by us after interviewing around 1000 prisoners, nearly 40 per cent of the prisoners were addicted to liquor or drugs, and 30 per cent were suffering from mental stress," said Anil Kumar. "Even though they are in jail, nearly 95 per cent of the jail inmates want to lead a normal life after their jail term, which underscores the importance of this psychological counseling and hypnotherapy project."
As part of the project, the NGO is also planning to bring out a book comprising the literary works of the prisoners.

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