Hear what people are saying about Tracy and Hypnosis!!


A rare gift

"Tracy has a rare gift, which she uses with great intelligence and passion. If you're looking for answers and your mind is open, she will help you. "

More than Hypno..

"Tracy was amazing. She really gives you more than Hypnotherapy; she also gives a nonjudgmental outsiders view on the situations that are affecting you and your life. She was great to talk to and easy to confide in. Her home was also very inviting and I will definitely be back."

Highly recommended

"Tracy spent about 2 hours with me, talking to me about re framing my twin's upcoming birth. Even just talking everything through was reassuring before we did the hypnosis. She put me under easily and I have a 20 minute hypnosis to listen to until the big day. She is very easy and comfortable to confide in and I am approaching this birth with much more confidence than when I went in. I will recommend and return to Tracy for any big life event that I have reservations about. "

 delving deep

"This was my first hypnosis of any type ever. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, as I didn't know what to expect. I had regression hypnosis done. It was very professional and very calming. I was taken back very professionally and got the answers I needed confirmation on. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a very good experience."

Tracy Martin

"Great place Tracy was so helpful. Great west end location. Tracy was so understanding. She seemed to ask all the right questions. "
d her and would do so again."


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