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Past Life, New Life
Do you ever feel like Alice in Wonderland, experience deja vu, ever meet someone you feel
like you have known for years after just meeting them for the first time.
This could be a result of memories creeping into your consciousness from past lives. In this issue we will explore past life regression, and how it can change your past, improve your present, and transform your future.
Trees What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a general term for the ability of the unconscious mind to retrieve historical memories from childhood or previous lives, usually through hypnotic regression or altered state consciousness. Past life therapy searches emotionally or physically traumatic life memories for therapeutic purposes.

Past life regression is valuable and the only source for clearing/healing traumatic experiences in prior lifetimes, which otherwise holds us back from full actualization in this life, and/or is causing distress. Additional benefits are activating creativity or a valuable talent that was actively expressed before but has remained latent or unrecognized in this life.

Past life regression can be the sole focus of a hypnosis session or it can be initiated within the context of an hypnotherapy session. A session may include other experiences in addition to visiting a past-life, such as a regression to the past of this life, etheric plane communication, inner guide work, and/or life between lives work.

Inner guides can be contacted during any of the other techniques. A key part of the process is loving, accepting, or making peace with things as they are (or as they were in the past life), thus freeing the energy of transformation.

The benefits of Past Life Regression include the following:

Clearing/healing trauma: This is the most common aspect of healing in past life regression. When trauma is encountered, options include running and changing, rescuing the past-life self (PLS) and bringing him/her forward to the present, or viewing the trauma and the life as a whole from the perspective of the higher consciousness.

Healing overt acts (the past-life self as the perpetrator rather than the victim): Healing involves the subject/client experiencing remorse (assisted by one of several methods as needed), either receiving the forgiveness of the victim(s) or performing an appropriate atonement, and obtaining forgiveness of the present-life self for the overt act(s).
Fears about Past Lives

Can I handle what I experience and what if I find out I was a "bad" person?

These are the two most commonly asked questions that I hear from clients that begin working with past life regression. The unconscious mind's "prime directive" is to protect the body and the psyche from harm, so you can rest assured that you will not experience anything that you cannot handle. This is one of the "fail safe" mechanisms built into human beings. Even when it feels difficult, know that you are ready for this experience. You are much wiser than you are consciously aware of.

The other fear is learning that you may have been a "bad" person or did "bad" things as that person. No matter what your past life reveals, what is important to understand is that you are not that person today. Instead, when you access memories of your past lives, whether they are positive or negative, you are accessing opportunities for growth and learning. Each life is a new experience and even though you are teh same sould, you are a different person.
We see this psychic prime directive working when discussing abuse. Often times, people do not remember their abuse as a defense mechanism allowing them to cope and survive in society. When one begins to remember abusive situations, typically it does not come rushing back all at once. Rather, a person remembers pieces and may spend years reconstructing their childhood. To remember it all at once would be devastating to the individual.

The same is true of past life experiences. My experience tells me that people have been through torture, separation, war and abandonment both as the victim and the perpetrator. To remember all of this in present time would be absolutely overwhelming. In regression therapy, the goal is to remember just a little bit at a time, process it, and remember a little bit more.

Change your past

The way your mind views your past may be holding you back from achieving all the things you want in life. tree

Many of the challenges people face in their adult lives have been caused by a decision they made early in childhood.

As a hypnotherapist I continually see that the origin of someone's issue is often not what that person thinks it is. In fact, it can be dramatically different from the real reason. Hypnotherapy helps people get to the 'real' root cause of their issue by helping them break through the conscious and subconscious barriers in their minds.

A recent client of mine wanted to know why she 'always' suffered setbacks in her business and why she was not succeeding the way she wanted to.

After we discussed how her life would be different if she was not affected by these setbacks, I guided her into a hypnotic sleep where the subconscious mind is always open and receptive. Hypnotic sleep refers to a deep state of relaxation. This allows the client and hypnotherapist to access the subconscious mind's thoughts, memories and feelings.

Once in this state I again asked her to contemplate the reason that she came for a session and to see what feeling she experienced when she thought about her issue. Immediately she said that she felt unworthy.

We then went on a subconscious journey to explore moments in her life when she experienced this same feeling of being unworthy. Along our journey we stopped at several important points in her life - one of the most significant being her adoption. Next to her non-adopted siblings she often felt overlooked, unimportant and unworthy by her adoptive mother. As we continued along this path, a pattern began to emerge and I asked her to go to the first time she experienced this feeling.

She said that she was in her birth mother's womb and that she knew exactly what her mother was feeling and thinking. She knew that her mother did not want her. This was the first moment she experienced a feeling of being unworthy - of not being wanted.

As we explored her feelings and thoughts in this deep hypnotic state of relaxation, something wonderful happened. She had a life changing "ah ha" moment. Her entire body seemed to relax like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders as she shared her deep insight with me.

She said: "I now understand that my mother giving birth to me and then giving me up to be adopted was part of my life path. I understand we were brought together to learn from each other." She said she felt they had been together in a previous life and that she was truly loved but that in this life they needed to be separated to grow and learn.

This experience was very emotionally cleansing for my client. It helped her to understand that extremely early on in her life she made the decision that she was unworthy - unworthy of love and unworthy of success. That same feeling continued to manifest throughout her life with emotional triggers and she would then sabotage her success at a subconscious level.

After this my client was able to forgive her birth mother and let go of the decision that she made in the womb (that she was unworthy). She now knows she is worthy of a life filled with all types of success and has since experienced a marked increase in her business and finances.

I always feel awed by what my clients and I learn when we take these journeys together. This client allowed me to see that during a pregnancy we are not only physically but subconsciously connected to the baby inside. It is important for expectant mothers to be aware that their thoughts and feelings are shared by another soul.

Tracy Martin is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner. In addition to private Hypnotherapy sessions she works with expectant Moms and birthing partners using HypnoBirthing.

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

Published in Mosaic Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine's Spring 2007 Issue


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