Tracy has a rare gift, which she uses with great intelligence and passion. If you're looking for answers and your mind is open, she will help you.

Tracy was amazing. She really gives you more than Hypnotherapy; she also gives a nonjudgmental outsiders view on the situations that are affecting you and your life. She was great to talk to and easy to confide in. Her home was also very inviting and I will definitely be back.

Tracy spent about 2 hours with me, talking to me about re framing my twin's upcoming birth. Even just talking everything through was reassuring before we did the hypnosis. She put me under easily and I have a 20 minute hypnosis to listen to until the big day. She is very easy and comfortable to confide in and I am approaching this birth with much more confidence than when I went in. I will recommend and return to Tracy for any big life event that I have reservations about.

 This was my first hypnosis of any type ever. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, as I didn't know what to expect. I had regression hypnosis done. It was very professional and very calming. I was taken back very professionally and got the answers I needed confirmation on. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a very good experience.

Great place Tracy was so helpful.  Tracy was so understanding. She seemed to ask all the right questions. "

This is a great experience every time; even when I don't know what exactly I need, she digs to the root of the situation and we find the focus for the session! Respectful, non judgemental, and is genuine about her interest to help. She has helped me in a huge way in my journeys through life and can not thank her enough.
My hypnosis session with Tracey was great! She spent lots of time with me. I had a recording waiting for me in my inbox :-) would highly recommend her.

I was a previous shift worker and still like staying up late. But, it`s not healthy for me and has aided in weight gain. Prior personal issues influenced the "sleep pot" as well. One session has aided me in readjusting my sleep. Ms. Martin is obviously a very capable and easy to trust hypnotherapist, as well presenting as a very empathic person. Highly recommend!

My delivering doctor was amazed at the ease of delivery with my first child (he said he will recommend Hypnobirthing to all his patients in the future as a result) so my husband and I went in for a refresher. I also did a separate fear release to deal with some anxieties over the pending arrival of baby #2. It's amazing how in just one session I had such relief. She is highly recommended by me!!!"

Tracy is always very pleasant and approachable. My recent clinical hypnotherapy experience with Tracy was positive, as was my prior experience with positive affirmations and relaxation through hypnotherapy with Tracy. I have already recommended her and would do so again.

 Smoke Free Hypnotherapy - Tracy Martin was fantastic. Not only did she work with me on gaining an insight to my habit by encouraging me to talk about the roots of my emotions and choices, but she also worked with me about over-all control of my life. She has a lot of presence and is genuine about what she does. Not once did I feel that time was of importance, she was simply focused on me and where I wanted to be. It was an excellent and powerful experience and I definitely can see myself returning to her in the future.

Hypnotherapy chronic pain/weight management - I found Tracy Martin very professional and very easy to communicate with her despite some of my horrific past I have been trying to overcome. She made me feel very at easy and made me understand things I could never have done on my own. I believe she will help me get to where I should and need to be and thanks to Tracy, plus will see you again. Oh, I am buying an IPOD today and went swimming. 

Powerful, emotional and helpful - This was my first experience with guided hypnotherapy, but Tracy put me completely at ease. She encouraged me to "talk out" my anxieties in depth and at length - with no sense that the clock was ticking or the meter running. I felt that she truly wanted to dig to the root of my anxieties in order to tailor a session that was unique to my situation. Tracy has a very professional but warm and open manner, and I am so thankful for her services.

Tracy was excellent, and friendly.

Wonderful caring environment. Had a great experience and I will definitely be recommending her to friends and making future appointments.

 Loved it! Absolutely helpful and Tracy is amazing!!!!! I totally loved the whole experience!!!

Very easy to talk to!

Great experience, fantastic service, thank you! - Tracy is very welcoming, easy to talk to, and makes you feel at ease in the whole process. Tracy is very professional and I would recommend her services highly.

Brain Ninja - Went to support a friend and walked away smoke free for life! It felt like I was at a spa all day, just refreshed and energized. My brain was massaged in just the right way that I truly believe and know that I do not and will not need to ever smoke again. 5 stars is what I give the whole experience.

Terrific - I really enjoyed my session with Tracy, finding it incredibly helpful and freeing. What a great experience!

Tracy is knowledgeable, friendly and effective. I wasn't sure I could be hypnotized, but she assured me I already was... Martin Hypno offered a relaxing setting and a quality, guided hypnosis that took as much time as I needed and came complete with an audio version of our session waiting in my inbox by the time I arrived home. Two thumbs up for this experience!
Very relaxing. You'll get as much out of this as you really 'want' to. I would highly recommend this service

Tracy really took the time to speak with me before the hypnosis and session was incredibly relaxing!

I decided to try this on a whim after listening to a hypnosis cd. Tracy is kind and caring woman, capable of putting you at ease and allowing you to really open up. I am glad to have taken this experience in and thankful to Tracy for her help and sincerity.

Tracy is a lovely caring person, who is very good at getting to the root of a problem by asking the right questions. Highly recommended!

A wonderful and unique experience!

My session with Tracy was fantastic! She was very professional and friendly. She was able to help me figure exactly what problems I wanted to address and ever since my session I have noticed a wonderful difference!

I recently had an appointment with Tracy to stop smoking. I've tried quitting in the past with no success. I'm pleased to say, that I have been smoke free for 4 days now, and not even a craving! Thanks!!

Tracy put me at ease, was caring, professional and effective. I felt different after one appointment and confident that the matter was dealt with something I've been carrying with me all my life. Excellent practitioner, would thoroughly recommend to others.
Emma B

I had been having multiple health problems for the past year and didn't really know what to target using hypnotherapy. Upon meeting Tracy, she was warm, welcoming and helped put me at ease. The session was not rushed and she really took the time to get to know me on a personal level. This way we chose to focus on my insomnia. Tracy helped me to realize just what my body IS capable of and not just what I thought it could do. An overall wonderful experience.
Having never experienced being hypnotized I found it very relaxing, comfortable and helpful for the issues I was concerned about.
Marilyn S
I received more help in this one session than in hours of counseling. Tracy was very professional and made me very comfortable at our first meeting. I will be back for another few sessions.

Tracy is an absolutely warm and wonderful person that helped me soooo much. I wish she was available on a necklace, so that at a push of a button I could hear her strong, positive words. I recommend her 100% and do to life, I have had to put my issues on pause, however, I fully intend to see her again. 
Selina M

I found Tracy very kind and professional. She didn't promise that I would bounce out of her office and do a 5k run. She did promise a great feeling of relaxation and some positive messages sent to both my subconscious and conscious mind. This promise she delivered on and more! I appreciated the fact that we receive a recording of the session. I now can listen to Tracy anytime I want to feel deeply relaxed and pain free. Thanks Tracy!
Debra N
A very pleasant professional and a very pleasant experience. Evidence of success in behavior modification is already apparent. I am pleased.
Brian G

I had a session with Tracy and was not sure at first when I left if it would indeed work. Boy was I ever surprised! Ever since the day after my session I have felt like I can do anything and I can accomplish anything. She was very professional and the session was great. Thanks so much Tracy for helping ME to change MY life and for providing me with the tools to keep doing so! Onward and Upward from here!
Liza C

Tracy is great to work with and makes you feel very comfortable with the whole process-she explains everything from start to finish. It was a great experience and I would go through another session.

 I never felt so good and free. i will do it again in the near future. it was an amazing, relaxing, experience that i feel a lots of torns that been there ever since i was a child was taken or blown powerfully away. I could shout: Thank you God for sending Tracy and setting me free. filling the space all by your light and Love. thanks too for the wonderful support of the PSI team and my husband. Love you all!so I highly recommend Tracy to everyone.time will spend. compassionate & understanding.

The regression session I underwent has been very helpful for me. There was no rush or pressure and everything was done professionally I recommend Tracy Martin
I just wanted to thank you for the session on Saturday. It was fantastic meeting you. The flower was a lily. So if that is the case I may be seeing you for 3 more past lives. I think I found some answers. Like why today I am so afraid of large bodies of water, but I think the messages were the most important part. I think in those I found what I needed, when I have been trying to decide where to go now. Hopefully I am not reading the messages wrong. Any way it was a great experience. I thank you very much, for helping me open up these lives so far.

Take Care
Deanna R

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your Self Hypnosis class. There were so many connections to things I already do (watching a flame) or I understood better why I was asked to do something a certain way (meditating looking up and inward at the 3rd eye).
Fantastic! Thanks,


I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed Saturday night. I definitely took away some very valuable information and feel I understand myself and some in my life much more clearly.
I also have had two straight nights and an afternoon nap's worth of past lives to view. My flood gates are open and they just keep coming. I'm gonna start a journal as I'm already forgetting some of it. Very cool! I don't know if this is normal for most people but it seems to be how my soul wants to do it.
So, thank you again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I don't know what you did with that therapy session but my eating is totally under control. Its amazing. I lost 8 lbs already.
- Colleen F


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