Hypnotherapy can be used effectively as part of a treatment or cessation program for many kinds of addictions, ranging from alcohol,drugs, gambling, sexual urges, and so forth.

Because, what's happening in the addiction process is that your brain is forming certain associations, i.e. when I feel sad or upset, I have a drink. So that's the association that your forming. Or, when I feel sad or upset I eat several cookies, donuts. What we're doing in hypnosis is we're enabling the brain to disassociate from that association, form a new and positive association. We will be doing that using things like guided imagery and desensitization and all of those things to help you to, really in a sense, break these old negative patterns and form new and more positive patterns for you.

Specifically, hypnosis can be used to reinforce behavioral changes sought by those seeking to break their addictions.The biggest challenge for most addicts is "staying clean" after the initial rehabilitation program. Hypnotherapy can be used to reinforce positive behavior during the aftercare period.

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