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Crystal Basics Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn a little bit about crystals or have been attracted to them for some strange reason and just don’t know why.

This crystals basics workshop will cover a wide range of topics which will introduce you to crystals and their energy. All participants will work with their own beginner package of nine crystals provided with velvet pouch. We will work with each crystal in your package and discuss the energy, and how it works with your body, mind and soul. At the end of the workshop we will use these crystals and place them on each chakra to feel the energy and work to clear and align each chakra via a meditation.

  • History and formation of crystals
  • How crystals work
  • Colours meaning and crystals
  • Chakras and how crystal work with our energy centres
  • How to select crystals
  • Caring for your crystals
  • Cleansing and charging your crystals
  • Work with your crystal package

Practitioner: Tracy Martin, CCHt

Location: Refresh Wellness Centre

5109-50 Ave

Wetaskiwin, AB

Date: Oct 15, 2011

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Cost: $80 (price includes crystal basics information package, 9 crystals and velvet pouch)
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Crystal Intermediate Workshop

Due to high demand and positive feedback from students in the crystal basics workshop we are now offering an Intermediate workshop. This workshop is designed to pickup where we left off in Crystal Basics.

In the intermediate crystal workshop we will do a quick review of cleansing from crystal basics and discuss some other cleansing techniques not previously discussed. Then we'll move into rock classification, crystal structure, and how crystals are measured on their hardness.

A crystal test/questionnaire will be provided to assess the type of stone required for specific situations involving, physical/emotional/mental concerns. We'll discuss and use pendulums with crystal healing, create a crystal grid and perform a group crystal meditation.

You will also be receiving seven new crystals to add to your collection and we'll discuss and identify each crystal with their metaphysical properties.

  • Rock classification
  • Crystal structure - sizes and shapes
  • Mohs scale
  • More ways to cleanse your stone or crystal
  • How to create a gem essence
  • Crystal meditation
  • Colour therapy and crystal healing
  • Pendulum work
  • Crystal grid
  • Seven new crystals for intermediate package
  • Metaphysical properties of your crystals
  • Crystal test

Practitioner: Tracy Martin, CCHt

Location: Refresh Wellness Centre

5109-50 Ave

Wetaskiwin, AB

Date: Oct 16, 2011

Time: 10am - 4pm

Cost: $120 per person (price includes crystal intermediate information package, 7 crystals and velvet pouch)
and certificate of completion

*NOTE: If you have pendulum please bring it to this class. It is also recommended that crystal basics is taken prior to registering for this workshop.

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Crystal Advanced Workshop

Learn the finer points of crystals in the in depth workshop, where we explore the more complex aspects of crystal healing. We will work with several new crystals and crystal grids for specific healing. We will build a grid to focus on distance healing and create gem spray using essential oils. Learn how to incorporate crystals into meditation and 9 crystal healing grids.

  • Calming crystal healing grid
  • Amazonite healing grid
  • Amethyst head net (Receive 4 amethyst tumbled stones)
  • Amethyst healing net
  • Carnelian healing net
  • Citrine healing net
  • Moonstone healing net
  • Seal of Solomon healing net
  • Tourmaline healing net

This and much more, including higher vibration crystals to add to your growing collection.

Practitioner: Tracy Martin, CCHt




Cost: $150
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Relaxation 101

Practitioner: Tracy Martin, CCHt




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