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Past Life Regression

I consider all forms of hypnosis and hypnotherapy a journey, and a past life regression is exactly that, a journey into your past life.

We as spiritual souls can retain talents, gifts, fears and emotions from these previous lives. By taking the journey we can resolve unconscious residual effects that may be negatively impacting one’s present life.

One other wonderful benefit to this is seeing how we link to individuals in this life that may be present in another. What is our relationship now and then, what role do we play in relation to the other person? This knowledge can enlighten you to specific nuances you may have in your present day relationship.

Through hypnosis we can locate past life sources affecting our present day challenges or quality of life. We can also identify possible patterns that have been re-created over several lives due to some sort of emotional upheaval or trauma. By healing unresolved past life experiences or making connections we are able to heal ourselves today.

Past Life Regressions are approximately 90 mins in length. Book a past life regression


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Mind and Body Relaxation

Is your mind racing? Thinking about your workday and it’s the weekend? Mind and body on the go? Want to slow it all down?

Let me help you relax!Treat yourself to a 30 minute mind and body relaxation session with Tracy.This session will let your mind and body fully relax, feeling as though all your troubles have just faded away.This is an excellent relaxation session on its own and complements reiki or massage. Learn techniques to make a stressful workday disappear.

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