Remote Healing Hypnotherapy

Bypassing the critical mind, Tracy Martin can access the client remotely and does the work at the subconscious level.

Please note:
Bypassing the conscious mind, these sessions give a clear awareness of what is going on with an individual. The purpose is healing, for everyone concerned. However, remember we cannot make a person do what deep down they have decided to not respond to. As powerful as these sessions are, the person asking for the sessions may not like what they will discover as it sheds light to situations and almost every time brings relief and greatly improve attitudes.

These sessions are performed with two clinical hypnotherapist working as team, one as the therapist and the other as the surrogate.

These healing sessions are only made for the benefit of every one concerned. One can find out how come a person will not fall in love or do something. Requesting a session to make a person change their mind will simply not work.
  • One or more photos of the person for who the session is for, with the age of the person when the photo was taken
  • In detail, your reason for requesting the session.
  • When there is a health problem, the medical help sought and the results.
  • The person’s full name and date of birth.
  • Where is the person at present time.
  • Your name and where to mail the recording.
Prior to booking please contact Tracy Martin directly to discuss your session request in more detail.

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